Inventing 1000 miles

How do I get one step closer to 1000-miles readiness today? Refining kit composition? Increasing endurance? Scoping the course? Learning to use the sat phone? Refreshing Wilderness First Responder skills? Preparing more food? How will I ever know I am ready? There’s no end and no recipe!

Today, I built a new cooking table – much smaller than my large Arctic ones – to fit my tiny four-season, 2-pound tent. Will it be stable enough to forestall the old oh-look-how-fast-polyester-underwear-burns thigh-slapping scenario?


We got snow on Thursday and Friday, and in typical Front Range fashion it is disappearing at flank speed. So for the third time this weekend I go out, this time with my sled loaded to race weight. Dogs on the trail bark at it. Humans flex their humor: “Whose body in there?”  and “Ah, thank you for bringing the pizzas we ordered.”

My strained left hamstring is still recovering. It does not wreck my fun during the workouts, but it still lets me know that there is scar tissue getting in the way. Will the hamstring be ready to take on 50 daily miles of sweat, sled, and snow for weeks on end?


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